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One-on-one virtual guitar workshop via Zoom
Study at your own pace, schedule, budget, and location

All ages and skill levels

Cancel anytime within 24hrs prior to your booking
No Monthly Fee, Pay Per Workshop
Gear Needed: guitar, computer, phone, or tablet with webcam, Zoom, wifi

* Death Grip Academy is a personally tailored, live, one-on-one guitar workshop via Zoom with Black Label Society guitarist Dario Lorina.

* Use the widgets above or click Book a Workshop.

* On the calendar, select the day and time you would like to schedule.  Time zones will automatically coordinate for the time that you select for your location.  (DGA bases its scheduling on Pacific Standard Time.)  Bookings must be made at least 72hrs in advance.

* Pay through Pay Pal's secure payment method

*You can now (but are not required to) book multiple TONAL DESTRUCTION WORKSHOPS in advance to secure and plan your scheduling by clicking Add to Cart during your checkout.

* Your booking(s) will then be secured for the time and day(s) of your selection.  You will receive a confirmation email directly after your payment is processed.

* On the date of your workshop you will receive a Zoom meeting link via email for your TONAL DESTRUCTION WORKSHOP with DEATH GRIP ACADEMY to start promptly at your scheduled time.

* You will receive a reminder email 24hrs prior to your scheduled workshop.

* To cancel for a full refund, you can do so anytime prior to 24hrs in advance, use the Let's Chat widget  on the website or send a Notice of Cancellation email using the Contact form.

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